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Hanne Trap Friis 2014

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Teater freezeProductions produces new Danish drama, visually beautiful and temperamental theater.

The Theater works with current issues and wants us to pause, think, contemplate, sense and converse. The theatre works in varying forms, sometimes very musical, sometimes more textual. The theatre has in skillfully collaborated and coproduced several productions with institutions like DIEM, GROB, Women’s Museum in Aarhus, Københavns Musikteater, The National Theatre of Greenland, Musikhuset Aarhus and others. Collaboration challenges and pushes the conventional forms of thought.

The necessity of questioning the conventions and the norm is what the plays created by freezeProductions have in common. Teater freezeProductions creates productions across genres and follows the theme and the play’s dynamic instead of being dogmatic in its approach to form or theme. Dogmas are limiting, and the theatre wishes to work beyond restrictive limits and rigid beliefs.

The purpose of the theatre is to entertain, provoke, be difficult, be beautiful and ugly, make us feel who we are, where we come from, what kind of world we’re living in, and reflect upon if this is the kind of world we want it to be.

Who am I? Who are you? Who are we? Do we know our past? Do we know the present? Do we dare to?

Teater freezeProductions wants theatre to be beautiful, be a visual experience, the plays to include elements of music, be surprising – and first and foremost it must never be insignificant. There is enough insignificance as it is.

Teater freezeProductions has created plays like AMERIKANEREN (about the Danish American social reformer Jacob A. Riis), PLEJADERNE (about the women who die in H.C. Andersen`s fairy tales), GLASPERLESPIL (about the Danish electronic composer and pioneer Else Marie Pade), STRØMSTEDER// SARFARTUUT (on the relationship between Denmark and Greenland).

The theatre has worked with numerous accomplished artists within the fields of writing, music and visual arts, e.g. Suzanne Brøgger, Peter Laugesen, Thomas Lagermand Lundme, Fuzzy, Thorbjørn Kroghshede, Else Marie Pade, Wimme Saari, Tapani Rinne, Kiki Brandt, Jens Krogsgaard and Sisse Jørgensen.

Furthermore, a lot of skillful actors have worked with the theatre in the past. The actors Hasan Preisler, Nukaka Coster-Waldau, Makka Kleist, Poul Storm, Annemette Høgedal, Bo Stendell Larsen, Mikkel Stubbe Teglbjerg, Flemming Jensen, Gry Guldager, Jens Pedersen, Pia Hessner, Sacha World, Ulla Katcher, Gitte Skytte Helene Kvint, Tina Steen Jensen and Christina Dahl are among the talents who have have worked with freeze productions.

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