“SLETTEN // NARSARSUAQ – Historier fra Grønlands beton

Through five performances Teater freezeProductions present the multi performance project “SLETTEN//NARSARSUAQ” at Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival 2019!

“NARSARSUAQ//SLETTEN – my home is where my heart is” is a huge multiperformance project established and directed by Hanne Trap Freeze.  It takes place in the heart of Nuuk, with some of the best Greenlandic actors, dansers, writers and storytellers. The location is NARSARSUAQ//SLETTEN the Blocks 1-10 in the very heart of Nuuk. The performance centers around this area and tells the newer story of Nuuk, and of Greenland.

In the 70’s the urbanizations took place and many small villages were forced to close, from different reasons. Fishermen and hunters who lived with their families in huge beautiful areas along the coast, and were suddenly placed to live in small apartments in the center of Nuuk called Narsarsuaq. Some welcomed the modern accommodates and some lost themselves, their identities. Some had the strength to build good strong families, but others were lost. The Narsarsuaq today is full of memories , stories, beautiful, hard, longing, fulfilled, devastating and warm stories – stories of the lives being lived there for 30 years.

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Kl. 16.00 og 21.00  i BLOK 6 (25 min) Danseforestilling

This dance performance is about focusing on the materials of “Narsarsuaq – Sletten”. The dance interpretation of the stories of Nuuk. How does the soft human soul and flesh meet the challange of the concrete, of the city? The concrete will talk to you through the dancers moves and through the new composed electronica music.
This performance is part of the multi performance show called “Sletten – Narsarsuaq” directed by Hanne Trap Friis performed by Erlend Auestad Danielsenalexander and Montgomery-Andersen.


Kl. 17.00 og 22.00 i BLOK 6 ( 30 min.) Teater-thriller

In 1985 a woman was murdered in Blok 6,- and the murderer was never found. We meet Lisa again and she wants us to remember her. In a drama both with different murderers, Lisa’s story, and the talk about how we must never forget people’s lives and stories we all get close to one of the unsolved and still known stories of Sletten. Performed by Klaus Geisler and Majbritt Bech.


Kl. 14.00 og 19.00 i BLOK 6 (30 min) Teater 

Kim Leine, the Nordic pricewinning writer has written “Blok 4” to this big project. This theater piece is based on true stories story of sex, and love and loss. A story about the relationship between Greenland and Denmark,about hopes and disillutions. A dramatic encounter of a man and his women. The Characters will be played by Karina Møller, Helene Kvint and man Thomas Knuth. Kim Leine lived in Blok 8 when he lived in Nuuk with his family.
This is the first time ever that such a huge project with this fantastic writer and these amazing artists takes place in Nuuk.
This performance is part of the multi performance show called “Sletten – Narsarsuaq” directed by Hanne Trap Friis.


Kl. 15.00 og 20.00 i BLOK 2 (30 min.) Performance art

“In zombieland” is created on stories from the novel collection Zombie land written by Sørine Steenholdt. It is a hardcore, physical sitespecific poetic performance filled with the youth’s dreams, fears and hopes. All accompanied by great compositions by one of raquets of the greenlandic compositions scene..
The performance will be three days in Greenlandic and three days in English
This performance will be performed by Hans-Henrik Suersaq Poulsen, Nukakkuluk Kreutzmann and Amisuna Berthelsen


Kl. 18.00 i BLOK 2 (35 min) Monolog

The old lady sits in her appartment and leads us into the story of her life,of when they had to leave their village during the 60’s- to move into the concrete appartments. What did they have to leave, what happened to her and her husband,- and being blind she still has the most beautifull view.
Makka Kleist will through this stunning strong soloperformance portrait some of the most imoportant memories of what happened to some of the Greenlandic people in the 60’s and 70’s during the rapid change of the Greenlandic society.
The show will be in Greenlandic for 3 days, and in English for 3 days


Narsarsuaq // Sletten ART is an exhibitions that takes place in the old apartment complex and is small temporary pop-up installation primarily by young Greenlandic artist. These are a number of small exhibitions that collectively contributes to the perceptive of life as is it and as it has been lived in the apartments in Sletten.