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Amerikaneren af Peter Laugesen, Fuzzy og Hanne Trap Friis

THE AMERICAN by Peter Laugesen, Fuzzy and Hanne Trap Friis

THE AMERICAN is a modern and thought-provoking story about the ground-breaking Danish photographer and journalist Jacob A. Riis, who followed his dream to the new world in America in 1870.

After experiencing hunger, poverty and hoboing on his own body, he fought a battle of love and won. With his uncompromising way of describing peoples living conditions, Jacob A. Riis became one of the biggest photo documentarists and one of the biggest profiles in American history. He got the dodgy areas in New York blooming with life and visions for a brighter future. By seeing freedom and opportunities in the middle of death and misery in his pictures and lectures, he helped change the life of thousands of immigrants!

The audience can look forward to a colourful and vigorous musical drama, where video and photo projecting is combined with classical song, dance and theatre and the famous photos of Jacob A. Riis are brought to life.

On stage: Jens Krogsgaard, Bo Stendell, Mikkel Stubbe Teglbjærg, Kikki Brandt and Kati Siipola
Concept and director: Hanne Trap Friis
Playwright:Peter Laugesen
Composer: Fuzzy
Scenographer: Jesper Corneliussen
Light designer: Morten Ladefoged
Video designer: Kim Glud

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