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En musikdramatisk forestilling om Else Marie Pades liv og musik

A music dramatic performance about Else Marie Pade’s life and music

GLASS BEAD GAME is a music dramatic performance about Else Marie Pade’s life and music.
“All sound that surround us, is music. We are surrounded by a complete soundunivers, that constantly affects us”, says Else Marie Pade, who is a pioner in electronic music in Denmark. In the fifties she created the first electronic music. Because it was viewed almost as a taboo in Denmark in the 1950s, it wasn’t until 50 years later that Else Marie Pade received recognition for her understanding of music and production.

Gry Guldager i rollen som Else Marie Pade

Gry Guldager in the role of Else Marie Pade

To live for the music
GLASS BEAD GAME tells a story with references to Faust, about a lonely fight for a special musical understanding, which were ahead of its time – Else Marie Pades understanding of the musical universe through music by Pade, Stockhausen and Schaeffer – all together pioneers within the electronic music. The physical space is created in a unique scenography by Reumert award winning Sisse Gerd Jørgensen, where the audience can enter and experience Pades musical universe and life. Performing is Gry Guldager and Poul Storm, who shows a woman’s life filled with struggle, sound and love.

The Press Wrote:
“Theatre that places it self far from the “fatigued” conventions and narrowminded boundaries… Poetic, sharp and humorous line calories, intense node line dance, girdle abrasive exciting musical compositions and tightly staged acting brings us under the skin of The Music Woman Else Marie Pade.” – **** Aarhus Stifttidende

On Stage: Gry Guldager and Poul Storm
Director and contept: Hanne Trap Friis
Playwright: Suzanne Brøgger
Composer: Else Marie Pade
Scenographer: Sisse Gerd Jørgensen
Light designer: Morten Ladefoged
Sound: Nicole Cecile Pedersen and Andreas Carlsen
Music: Thomas Knak, Wayne Siegel and Hans Sydow
Producer: Theatre freezeProductions
Co-Producer: DIEM (Danish Institute of Electronic Music)

Else Marie Pade og Susanne Brøgger. Privatfoto Hanne Trap Friis

Else Marie Pade and Susanne Brøgger. Privat photo: Hanne Trap Friis

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Funded by:
The Danish Art Counsil’s Music Dramatic Committee and The Drama Pool, City of Aarhus’ Cultural Development Fund, Danmarks Nationalbank’s Anniversary Foundation, Aarhus Stiftstidendes Fund, Danish Artist Union, Danish Composers’ Society’s Production Pool and KODA’s National Funds.

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