2016 MADness

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The story of a dumpster diver

MADness - Olaf Højgaard og Anne Voigt Christiansen

MADness – Olaf Højgaard og Anne Voigt Christiansen


MADness – historien om en madskralder

The story is a woman’s experience of economic decline and her journey into the supermarkets trash containers – a world full of wonderful people and great food. It is the story of her relationship with her teenage son and her relationship with the lovely man she meets by the container

By the dumpster, she meets a man. He dumpster dive out of political beliefs and he does it without shame. He takes her under his wing and teaches her the life of a freegan. As time passes, she is gripped by the freeganism, and gets a kick out of finding good, discarded food. She keeps it hidden for her teenage son who questions yet rejoices all the organic meat, stacks of oranges and the good red wines. Until one day where the dad of her sons schoolmate, catches her in the dumpster!

Madness is a touching human story made with montages, wild passages and personages displaying our inner “garbage” and relations. World, sex, food, and poverty. At the same time the performance is dynamic, sensitive, physically composed and with newly written drama, electronic music and hard rock.

Performers: Anne Voigt Christiansen og Olaf Højgaard
Director and concept: Hanne Trap Friis
Playwright: Forfatter Kasper Hoff
Sounddesign: Thomas Wernberg
Lightdesign: Morten Ladefoged
Production: 1:1 Produktion
Producer: Teater freezeProductions
Co-producer: Teater Katapult

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Theater Katapult 3 th. – 13th of february 2016

Theater Grob 7th & 8th of june 2016 – CPH STAGE

Theater Grob 21st january – 4th of february 2017

The performance is supported by:
Danish Arts Foundation, Aarhus Kommune Kulturudviklingspulje, Bukubenfonden & 3Fs Medie- og Kulturfond



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