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Ovartaci af Peter Laugesen og Hanne Trap Friis

Ovartaci by Peter Laugesen and Hanne Trap Friis

OVARTACI is written by Peter Laugesen and was in 2009 a great success in Denmark. The play is about the artist and patient Ovartaci (Louis Marcussen, 1894-1985) who lived most of his life as a patient in a psychiatric ward at the hospital in Risskov near Aarhus. Ovartaci managed, despite of a lot of adversity and doubt from the outside world, to make a huge production of paintings, sculptures, dolls and poetry. Ovartaci was a very complex person, who was both artist and patient, man and woman, insightful and unrealistic.

In 2009 OVARTACI got terrific reviews in Aarhus Stiftstidende, Jyllands Posten and Byen Kalder, and sold out at Entré Scenen (The Entrance Stage).

The press wrote:
“With vigorous splashing water, greasy sweets, funny chair mimes, sober questions, gentle body strokes, intense tango steps and much more, Bo Stendell Larsen and Mikkel Stubbe Teglbjærg gestalts the chaos and the internal need for expression which raged and reigned in Ovartaci, and the wall of resistance he met, under the well-balanced and temperament faceted direction of Hanne Trap Friis” Aarhus Stiftstidende.


On stage: Bo Stendell Larsen and Mikkel Stubbe Teglbjærg
Concept and director: Hanne Trap Friis
Playwright: Peter Laugesen
Scenographer: Jesper Cornliussen
Light designer: Morten Ladefoged
Composer: Thorbjørn Krogshede
Producer: Theatre FreezeProductions

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