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Hanne Trap Friis is an investigative, curious, dynamic and highly energetic director and producer. She is ambitious, enthusiastic and a passionate director who creates and works within exciting collaborations, in which she makes her employees perform their utmost through shared creativity and playful and artistic platforms. Trap Friis believes that people thrive and create at their best, if they are heard, seen and given a lot of responsibility.

Trap Friis creates the concept of freezeProductions’ performances, and turns subsequently to artists, whom she believes will be a good match for the given project. Through the past 10 years she has directed countless plays and performances both as a freelancer and in the context of freezeProductions. She has collaborated with Suzanne Brøgger, Peter Laugesen, Bjørn Rasmussen, Lærke Sanderhoff, Else Marie Pade, Thorbjørn Krogshede and Fuzzy. Dedication, perseverance, and the ability to accomplish even the wildest projects are the characteristics of Trap Friis.

The Aactors actors she has worked with call her a “mixture of madness and strategy”. She works in the spur-of-the-moment and is a firm believer in following whatever occurs during the process without fear of chaos and serendipity. For Trap Friis challenge equals growth!

Besides being highly involved in the theatre and caring for her family, Hanne Trap Friis is very engaged in the public (and political) debate regarding culture and the arts and is a member of several boards:

Mute Comp
Aarhus Scenekunstcenter

Furthermore, Trap Friis is one of the initiators of Åbne Scene in Aarhus and achieved the establishment of the stage through negotiations with politicians and local authorities.

In 2013 Hanne Trap Friis was awarded with Aarhus Scenekunstpris (Aarhus Performing Arts Award) with these words:
”This year`s performing arts award goes to a tireless pioneer who masters the art of managing many different projects at once. Hanne Trap Friis is awarded for initiating an open stage at Godsbanen, and for mentoring and coaching new talents and up-and-coming artists within the field of theatre and performance. She is an entrepreneur –and also a curious soul, who time after time challenges and renews the expression and aesthetics of the theatre through her performances, and (she has always the courage to address current themes)she has always the courage to address current themes. A brave and humble artist with a passionate commitment and performances that make an impact.”

Besides being a director, producer and artistic leader at Teater freezeProductions, Hanne Trap Friis works as a freelance consultant, choreographer, director, and teacher.

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